Enter the Rapid Prototyping Market with UV Printing

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From the allure of custom jewelry, watches or handbags, down to the minute details of a Lego man or woman, rapid prototyping advances the development of high-end, limited-edition and innovative designs.

There are various applications when it comes to rapid prototyping and many benefits to printing short-run, customized pieces. When in the prototyping phase, there’s no need to be limited by high volume production when launching a new design in a niche, trending or tight market.  It’s important to have the ability to tailor to specifications and produce quality prior to further production.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping involves a variety of methods to quickly fabricate a scale model of a product for testing and approval before mass production.  This usually involves some type of 3D Printing or “additive layer manufacturing” technology to create the 3D model.

To take the rapid prototyping process one step further, LogoJET offers direct-to-substrate digital printing technology to decorate 3D prototypes to more accurately simulate the finished product.  Incorporate distinctive digital designs to embellish, personalize, add aesthetic appeal, functionality and more.

Bringing It In-House

By facilitating in-house decoration of prototypes, a UV printer offers not only a more cost effective solution, but convenience and efficiency that is not always available with other traditional decoration methods.  Pad or screen printing techniques require time consuming, costly and messy setup including ink mixing, plate engraving and curing time for inks. They are also limited in the amount of colors and the complexity of artwork that can be applied.

The advantage of UV digital inkjet printing is that it enables full color, full resolution, complex artwork and photographs to be applied to almost any surface. The automatically adjusting height sensors make switching from one product to another quick and easy.

Offer quick turnaround, make improvements on the fly and produce production-quality products in relatively small volumes when needed, without the typical high cost of short-run production. UV-formulated inks cure by ultra-violet radiation by means of a built-in UV LED Lamp, creating prints that dry immediately onto the substrate so that are ready for their quick debut.

Rotary-printed Speaker

UV digital printers can also decorate surfaces with height variations (up to 4mm), as well as cylindrical objects with a 360° rotation for wrap-around decoration capability. This latest launch of a rotary design will be showcased at the Rapid 3D Exposition.

This Upcoming Show

LogoJET will be further exploring this new and exciting field at the upcoming Rapid 3D Exposition happening May 18-21 in Long Beach, California.  We will be exhibiting our latest launches in printing technology and performing live on-site demonstrations using customer-supplied products while creating full-color prototypes and decorating 3D models. Join us in Booth #860 to learn more about LogoJET printers and see our UV2400 Printers in action, or contact us today for a personalized demo.

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