Trending Products Decorated with UV Printing

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The use of promotional products as an advertising medium proves to increase interest and generate favorable attitudes toward any brand.  With the introduction of UV printing into the market, these products can now be customized with any logo in small or large quantities with unlimited colors, meeting the demands of businesses large and small.

This year, some of the top trending promotional products caught our eye as perfect candidates for customization with UV Printing.

Drinkware: YETI cups and Glasstic Water Bottles

America as a nation is becoming ever more health conscious and environmentally aware, and that translates into our drinkware as well. Reusable, BPA-free water bottles are growing in popularity as promotional items, and our favorite has to be the Glasstic shatterproof water bottle.  With a glass inner bottle encased in a BPA-free, shatterproof plastic outer bottle – there’s truly no other bottle like it.  Glasstic bottles are a perfect candidate for UV printing, and both inner and outer bottles can be completely customized using LogoJET’s Rotary 360 device.


YETI  cups are among the top trending products at the moment, making Amazon’s Best Seller list when it comes to tumblers.  They are virtually indestructible, sweat proof, and made of 18/8 stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your drink as cold (or hot) as science allows. These tumblers can be customized with corporate logos or branding messages in endless colors using UV printing. The option of rotary printing is also available using LogoJET’s Tapered Rotary design for non-cylindrical objects.

Electronics: Power Banks, USBs and Bluetooth Speakers

As the technology explosion continues, popular promotional items like USB drives take on new shapes and come in endless styles and varieties.  Bluetooth speakers have become a hot item, offering prime real estate for promotional messages and branding since they are often displayed in high traffic areas of the home or office. With all of the new Bluetooth technology needing to be charged, it’s no wonder that Power Banks have also become a hot item in the promotional products industry.  These compact, portable devices are great for keeping your electronic devices fully charged while traveling or at the office while promoting brand presence.  UV printing is a great solution for customizing these pieces, since there is little to no setup required which makes switching between different product styles a breeze!


Phone cases

Americans spend a huge amount of time on their cell phones, so what better place to display a branding message than on a cell phone accessory?  Phone cases and accessories continue to top the charts as some of the most popular promotional products on the market. They can be customized in full color, with exciting effects and textures using UV printing.  To keep up with the constantly changing phone case styles, LogoJET has created a Multi-phone case tray that fits almost any size or style of case!


Fall/Winter Trending Color Palette

When it comes to choosing colors for promotional products or design themes, you may want to take some inspiration from Pantone’s Fall 2016 Color Report.  Twice a year, the authority on color releases their top trending colors for the upcoming season. Their most recent palette contains 10 colors led by the blue family, and includes anchoring earth tones and pops of vibrant color for a playful departure from the typical fall shades.

By combining the hottest products with the latest color and design trends, you’re sure to get the attention of those in the market for promotional products.  UV printing can be the versatile solution you’re looking for to keep up with the constantly changing trends in this industry. Contact LogoJET today to find out more about UV compatible products!


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